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Vegetarian Banquet
Vegetarian Banquet -  For  2 or More. (£19.50 Per Per Person)
Vegetarian Banquet For 1 Person. Choose 1 Main Dish Per Person
  Mock Chicken With Sweet Corn Soup Or Vegetarian Hot & Sour Soup
Vegetarian Spring Rolls, Mock Chicken
Deep Fried Seaweeds,
  • Stir Fried Mock Pork With Mixed Vegetables in Sweet & Sour Sauce​
  • Mock Chicken With Fresh Mushroom & Straw Mushroom In Oyster Sauce
  • Chinese Mushroom With Seasonal Vegetables
  • Aubegine In Black Bean Sauce
  • Egg Fried Rice
Ice Cream Or Coffe
we do offer certain ranges of Gluten Free Dishes, Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information, and we will try to cater for you needs.
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